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"Salamander blood, Harry! Not pomegranate juice!"
—Hermione Granger[src]

Pomegranate juice is juice made from the pomegranate fruit. In 1995, Hermione Granger had to stop Harry Potter from mistakingly adding pomegranate juice to the Strengthening Solution he was making in their Potions class instead of the salamander blood he was supposed to be using.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • It is possible that pomegranate juice may be used as an ingredient in some potions (although not the Strengthening Solution), as it seems unlikely that Snape would be willing to let students bring refreshments into his class.
  • A bottle of pomegranate juice is also among the various potion ingredients available in the "Perfect Potions" segment of The Road to Hogwarts Sweepstakes.


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