The Plumpton Pass is a move in Quidditch where the Seeker casually scoops the Snitch up in his/her sleeve. Invented by Roderick Plumpton in 1921. Critics allege that the move was an accident, but Plumpton insisted until his death that it was intentional.

If this tactic is used by any player apart from the Seeker, the player is not necessarily incurring in Snitchnip until he actually touches or grabs the Snitch. This happened in the Brazil vs. Haiti match in the 2014 Quidditch World Cup: the Snitch flew up Haitian Beater Jean-Baptiste Bloncourt's sleeve, and the team was only disqualified when the Beater wrestled the Snitch out of his undergarments and held it up triumphantly.[1]


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