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"They're gobling great!"
—Promotional sentence on the box.[src]

Pixie Puffs was a wizarding breakfast cereal made by Honeydukes. It came packaged in a blue box featuring yellow cartoon pixies with spoons running around the edge of a bowl.

This cereal once ran a contest that involved finding a gold pixie in the box. There were a thousand prizes to be won.[1]

It was served for breakfast in the Great Hall at Hogwarts.

Behind the scenes

  • Pixie Puffs seems to be a reference to Sugar Puffs. Furthermore, the box of Pixie Puffs has a colour scheme similar to that of a Sugar Puffs box.
  • It is possible that the Pixie Puffs' tagline, They're Gobling Great! is a reference to the Frosties' tagline, They're Great!


Notes and references

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