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Pidgron sisters

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Pidgron sisters
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"Recently, Dippet had dropped some of his […] by looking at his descending loaf of bread and crashed straight into Felickaria Tugwood and she in turn fell off her broomstick and launched all three Pidgron sisters off their brooms on her […] "
Evening Prophet, 1 September, 1992; Flying Ford Anglia Mystifies Muggles, by Andy Smudgley.[src]

The Pidgron sisters were three witches that, sometime before 1992, took part in a broomstick crash over the River Mersey. When elderly Armando Dippet dropped some bread from his broomstick, he lost his focus and accidentally crashed into Felickaria Tugwood who, in turn, managed to fall on the broomsticks of the Pidgron sisters, who were "launched" off their brooms into the river below.[1]


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