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Phoenix feathers are feathers shed by phoenixes, primarily gathered and used in wandmaking.


This is one of the rarest core types. Phoenix feathers are capable of the greatest range of magic, though they may take longer than either unicorn or dragon cores to reveal this. They show the most initiative, sometimes acting of their own accord, a quality that many witches and wizards dislike.[1]

Phoenix feather wands are always the pickiest when it comes to potential owners, for the creature from which they are taken is one of the most independent and detached in the world. These wands are the hardest to tame and to personalise, and their allegiance is usually hard won.[1]

Known users

In Ollivanders Wand Shop, the owner Garrick Ollivander, is known to use phoenix feathers as one of his three cores; the others being dragon heartstring and unicorn hair.

Known wands

Priori Incantatem

The two phoenix feather wands performing Priori Incantatem, due to the twin cores.

Harry Potter's and Tom Riddle's wand cores came from the same phoenix: Fawkes, who belonged to Albus Dumbledore. These two wands are brothers. Therefore, they have a certain connection and may produce unusual magical effects when forced to duel one another; a phenomenon known as Priori Incantatem. He Who Must Not Be Named kidnapped Ollivander, the wand maker, for information. Ollivander told him that a different wand may work against Harry, but Harry destroyed the "borrowed" wand when Lord Voldemort chased him when Harry was being moved. Garrick Ollivander also showed a maple and Phoenix feather wand for trying to Harry Potter in 1991.

Known donors



The only phoenix known to have donated his feathers to make a wand was Fawkes, Albus Dumbledore's magical bird. He only gave two feathers, one to Harry Potter's wand, and one to Tom Riddle's wand. [2]

There was at least one other phoenix who donated it's feather to Olivander as shown in the maple wand Olivander showed Harry in 1991. Who this phoenix was and how it's feather was attained is unknown.


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