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Molly Weasley: "Whereas Bill and Fleur… well… what have they really got in common? He's a hardworking, down-to-earth sort of person, whereas she's…"
Ginny Weasley: "A cow. But Bill's not that down-to-earth. He's a Curse-Breaker, isn't he, he likes a bit of adventure, a bit of glamour… I expect that's why he's gone for Phlegm."
Molly Weasley: "Stop calling her that, Ginny."
Molly Weasley and her daughter Ginny talking about Fleur Delacour.[src]

Phlegm is a liquid secreted by the mucous membranes of the respiratory system in some animals, particularly that which is expelled by coughing.[1]

Phlegm is one of the known flavours of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.[2] In the mid-1990s, Ginny Weasley referred to Fleur Delacour (who was to marry her brother Bill) as "Phlegm", a play on words with Fleur's name and personality.[3]


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