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"An ill-mannered bird with brilliant plumage."
—The Folio Bruti on the Pheasant.[src]

The pheasant is a species of bird, related to the peacock. Pheasants have a distinctive plumage, and were particularly vulnerable to the Vermillious, Verdimillious and Incendio spells.[1]

Rubeus Hagrid had pheasants hanging from the roof of his hut during Harry's and Ron's first visit in 1991.[2]

Horace Slughorn brought a lunch of pheasant with him aboard the Hogwarts Express on 1 September, 1996, and shared it with members of the Slug Club.[3]

Pheasant feathers were used to make quills found at Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop[4]

A pheasant is one possible corporeal form of the Patronus Charm.[5]


Notes and references

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