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"This is the ideal starter cauldron, as used by first-year students at Hogwarts. It's perfect for brewing a wide range of potions and carrying books to class."
—Advert at Potage's Cauldron Shop[src]

A Pewter Cauldron is a cauldron made from pewter, a metal alloy made up of mostly tin. A Standard Size 2 Pewter Cauldron is part of the supply list for first-year students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,[1] as it is deemed the ideal cauldron for starters.[2] One can purchase a Standard Size 2 Pewter Cauldron at Potage's Cauldron Shop, for a cost of fifteen Galleons.[2] Out of the three common varieties of cauldron — copper, brass and pewter — pewter cauldrons brew at a slow speed.


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