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Perseus Ecklington
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Perseus Ecklington was a wizard who, in his youth, courted Daisy Twemlove.[1]

On the eve of Ecklington's wedding to Daisy Twemlove, Norville Bezerko, his love rival, slipped a powerful Sleeping Potion into his butterbeer mug, sending him into a deep death-like sleep. Bezerko prompty presented himself at Daisy's house, telling her that Ecklington had died of panic at the prospect of marrying her. An unsuspecting Daisy accepted to marry Bezerko the moment Ecklington was buried.[1]

Ecklington was put in a coffin, and, just as he was being lowered into the ground, he woke up, the effects of the Sleeping Potion gone. Ecklington soon realised Bezerko's scheme, and a brawl ensued. Bezerko was left with an elephant's trunk and six ears, thus hampering his chances of finding another bride, and Daisy Twemlove was reunited with Perseus Ecklington.[1]


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