Perenelle Flamel (pre 1334 – between 1992 and 1996[2]) was the wife of famous philosopher and alchemist, Nicolas Flamel, who was known for his works on the Philosopher's Stone. She and her husband met at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic in their youth.[3]

Perenelle and her husband drank the Elixir of Life produced by the stone, and were immortal, until the stone was destroyed in 1992, after which she and Nicolas would later die. She was at least six hundred and eighty three years old at the time of her death.[1]

She may have had a friendship with Albus Dumbledore like her husband. Having lived for so long, both Perenelle and her husband were glad to finally embrace death, which to them was like "going to bed after a very long day".


Nicolas Flamel

Perenelle Flamel was the wife of Nicolas Flamel. She, along with her husband, drank the Elixir of Life created by the Philosopher's Stone making her immortal. Nicolas Flamel and herself happily lived together, until the Philosopher's Stone was destroyed and they both died thereafter.


Perenelle is the Old French form on the name Petronilla, a diminutive of the name Petronia, which is the feminine form of Petronius - a Roman family name which is possibly derived from Latin petro, petronis "yokel".

Petro-, of both Latin and Greek origin, is a prefix meaning "of or pertaining to stone."

The name Flamel means in Old French "flame". Such meaning can be associated to Flamel's work as an alchemist.


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