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A Peppermint Toad is a magical peppermint cream shaped like a toad which "hops realistically in the stomach" when it is consumed.[1]


These sweets are sold at Honeydukes in Hogsmeade.[1][2] One day in 1993, the day after a weekend trip to the village and the first day of the holidays, Harry Potter found Ron Weasley rubbing his stomach as he ate a Peppermint Toad, presumably because it was jumping around inside him.[3] Later that same school year, during a party in Gryffindor Tower celebrating Gryffindor's victory over Ravenclaw at Quidditch, George Weasley threw Peppermint Toads bought at Honeydukes into the crowd of Gryffindors.[2]

Behind the scenes

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Peppermint Toads 1

A box of Peppermint Toads.


Notes and references

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