Pembrokeshire is a county in southwest Wales, noted for its large percentage of English speakers in its southern portion compared to the rest of the country.

After being pursued by goblin goldsmiths they had robbed in an attempt to avoid work, Gideon Flatworthy and his Accionites Apparated to a hillside cave in Pembrokeshire to escape them. Though they had managed to escape, the ordeal had left most of the Accionites disillusioned to the group's aims, and they left Gideon alone in the cave to peruse actual work.

Refusing to accept that one could not get by solely on Summoning objects and not doing work, Gideon stayed in his cave for quite some time until, on 18 September, 1743, he attempted to Summon the entirety of a nearby farm. Though he was unsuccessful at Summoning the buildings, the objects he had Summoned were large enough to crush him to death.

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