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Patil is the surname of a wizarding[1] family. They are presumably of Indian descent, as Patil is a common Maratha surname in the state of Maharashtra, India.

Known family members


  • It is possible that the Patil twins are named after Padma Parvati Lakshmi, an Indian-American author, actress, and former model.

Behind the scenes

  • On Rowling´s classlist, the surname was Patel.
  • There is a Hufflepuff student named Bhavana Patel, who most likely is not related to Padma and Parvati.

Notes and references

  1. Parvati and Padma were able to attend Hogwarts during the 1997–1998 school year, when Lord Voldemort was in control of the Ministry of Magic, meaning that they must have been either pure-bloods or half-bloods.

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