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A half-Veela is a cross-breed between a human (normally a wizard or witch) and a Veela. It is unknown if Veela can breed with Muggles, and it is unlikely that a Muggle would ever learn of the existence of Veela, thus most or all half-Veela will inherit magical ability from their fathers.

Inheritance of Veela abilities

Fleur Dealcour promo

Fleur Delacour, a part-Veela.

From their mother, they gain some Veela traits, such as breathtaking beauty and the ability to entrance men supernaturally. It is unknown if half-Veela are able to shape-shift into bird-like creatures as full Veela can. Also, they age unlike full Veela.


Because they are half-breeds, half-Veela may experience the same prejudices that befall other half-breeds, though they are more difficult to detect than other half-breeds, such as Half-giants, because apart from their great physical beauty, they are otherwise identical to humans.


It is unknown if half-Veela or part-Veela can be male, with the same abilities of female part-Veelas. The only known male with Veela ancestry is Louis Weasley, who is one-eighth Veela through his mother.


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