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Ottery St. Catchpole is a small town located in Devon, England. It was presumably named after a Saint Catchpole.

The village has both a Muggle and a magical community, the latter quietly established after the passing of the Statute of Secrecy in the seventeenth century.[1] Wizarding families that live in or near Ottery St. Catchpole include the Weasleys who live just outside in The Burrow, the Fawcetts, the Diggorys, and the Lovegoods.[2]

Known locations

The Burrow


The Burrow.

The Burrow is the home of the Weasley family, located in the south of the village and hidden behind hills and trees. On the other side of the village from the Burrow is a fairly large hill called Stoatshead Hill.[2]

The Lovegood House


Lovegood House.

The Lovegood family resides in a house shaped like a rook not too far from the Burrow, it is hidden amongst the hills and surrounded by gardens.[1]

Paper shop

There is a paper shop in the Muggle part of the village where a very pretty girl works as a shopgirl, who Fred and George have a liking for.[3]

Known residents

Stoatshead Hill

Stoatshead Hill.


The name is most likely a reference to the real Devon town of Ottery St Mary. Ottery St Mary is near Exeter, the town where Rowling went to university, so it is plausible that she visited it, or at least had heard of it. The word Ottery means "on the river Otter." Catchpole gives an impression of a Quidditch goal post or, perhaps, a fishing rod.


Notes and references

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