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Order of the Phoenix Society (website) is a Harry Potter fan website, fan community. The site is composed of news, fan fiction area, polls, articles which are related to the Harry Potter wizarding world. The aim of the organization is to create a strong Harry Potter fan community which fans can be able to know about new Harry Potter theories, which fans can exchange their ideas about the wizarding world. This organization is not for profit, just for fans. According to their website, Order of the Phoenix Society is ready to launch a community forum to exchange fans' ideas.


Harry Potter fan fiction

The Order of the Phoenix Society opened their fan fiction page, the members can write fan fictions and they may post it on their profile and after it is approved by the society authority it will be published on the fan fiction page. 

Poll Archive

The Order of the Phoenix launched a poll archive where anyone can vote. Anyone can suggest a poll by contacting the site.

The forum

The Order of the Phoenix Society announced that they are ready to launch their forum.

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Order of the Phoenix Society

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