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Order of Suspension

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Order of Suspension
Order of Suspension
Object information

Hogwarts Board of Governors


To suspend current Headmasters


Hogwarts Board of Governors


Lucius Malfoy giving the Order of Suspension to Headmaster Dumbledore.

An Order of Suspension is a document used for the suspension of the current Hogwarts School Headmaster. In order to remove said Headmaster, the Order of Suspension must be signed by all twelve governors of the Board of Governors. [1] In mid-1993, Lucius Malfoy (then-member of the Board) blackmailed the other eleven governors to sign Albus Dumbledore's Order of Suspension, threatening to curse them and their families. This blackmail, however, cost him his position as a school governor, after Dumbledore's reinstatement some days later.


Notes and references

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