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Orbis is a jinx used to suck the target into the ground. It can only be used if an ally is levitating the target whilst the spell is being cast.[1]


This spell is technically a type of earth magic, as it is used to suck the victim into the ground and hence burrows up a small amount of dirt with it; this is, indeed, the definition of earth magic. It encases the target in an orb and drags them into the earth.[1]

Physical appearance

The spell appears as an azure whirlwind which encases the levitated target, wrapping around them and shooting off blue sparks.[1]


It is probable[3] that Professor Lupin taught his third year defence class this spell[4] in the year a prisoner escaped from azkaban.



The incantation Orbis is Latin for "circle" or "orb".


Notes and references

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  3. Professor Quirrell taught the Knockback Jinx and Curse of the Bogies, and Professor Lockhart taught the Tongue-Tying Curse, so it isn't entirely impossible that dark charms such as these are taught then.
  4. They seem to know this spell in the summer between their third and fourth years, and as it is a jinx it is highly unlikely Professor Flitwick taught it.

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