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Oppopanax is an oleoresin extracted from the Commiphora erythraea species of plant. Crude oppopanax has a reddish-brown colour and it has a pleasant aroma, the reason why is is used in the making of perfumes and fragrances.[1]

2 drachms of oppopanax are a component of Belch Powder, thus, oppopanax has at least some magical properties.[2][3]


Notes and references

  1. "Oppopanax Oil (Sweet Myrrh)" at The Aromatic Shop Ltd.
  2. Label Collection book in the Harry Potter Wizard's Collection box set.
  3. The label reads: "of Mummy, Mastick, Red Myrrhe, Olibanum, Ammoniacum, Oppopanax, Bdelium, each ʒii. Vitriol ℔ii. Honey, ℔ii. Tartar ℥1,ſs. Aquavitæ, gal.iii." which uses the apothecaries' system of weights.

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