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"Even this was a substantial improvement over ‘Open Sesame!’, the previous most-popular spell which saw doors torn from their hinges and torn into firewood."
—The advantage of Portaberto over this[src]

Open Sesame was the incantation to a spell used to rip doors from their hinges and tear them to firewood. Before Portaberto and Alohomora, this was the most popular unlocking spell.[1]


In popular culture, "Open Sesame" is a well-known nonsense incantation that allegedly can be used to open doors or passages. The phrase originates from the story "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves."[2]

Behind the scenes

  • Coincidentally, one of the incorrect answers for the question "How does Harry get the locket open?" on the Wizard's Challenge at is the non-existent incantation Abrete Sesamo, which is a Spanish translation of Open Sesame.


Notes and references

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