"In the early stages of the game Fijian Beaters Quintia Qarase and Narinder Singh lacked the ferocity of their Nigerian counterparts Aliko Okoye and Mercy Ojukwu."
Ginny Potter, "NIGERIA VERSUS FIJI" (Daily Prophet, 14 May 2014)[src]

Mercy Ojukwu was a Nigerian witch who played as a Beater for the 2014 Nigerian National Quidditch team. During the second match of the 427th Quidditch World Cup, against Fiji, Ojukwu and her fellow Beater Aliko Okoye were more "ferocious" than the Fijian Beaters, Quintia Qarase and Narinder Singh. This resulted in the Bludgers doing much harm to the Fijian Chasers, which contributed to that team's bruising defeat.[2]

During the fourth quarter-final match, against Japan, Ojukwu, along with fellow Beater Okoye, put on a master class of Bludger work, as did rival Beaters Shingo and Hongo. It was for this reason that special Quidditch correspondent to the Daily Prophet Ginny Potter called the match the "Battle of the Beaters".[2]


Notes and references

  1. Viktor Krum, born 1976, was the oldest player at the 2014 Quidditch World Cup.
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