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Odysseus was a Greek hero. Famous for it, Odysseus slew the Giant Cyclops, and his act of bravery featured him on a Chocolate Frog Card.



Behind the scenes

  • Odysseus is based on the Greek hero of legend.
  • It is unknown if the Harry Potter version of Odysseus ever met Circe, as his legendary counterpart did.
  • The fantasy novel The Sea of Monsters is partially based on the story of Odysseus. Many enemies Odysseus faced in the myth reappear in this novel, including Circe and Polyphemus.


  • The name Odysseus was probably derived from the Ancient Greek verb odussomai, meaning "hate", suggesting that the name could be rendered as "the one who is wrathful/hated," this interpretation is reinforced by Odysseus's and Poseidon's mutual wrath in Homer's The Odyssey.


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