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"Odo the Hero" was a wizarding song about the wizard Odo. The original singer is unknown, but both Rubeus Hagrid, Horace Slughorn, and Charles Weasley are known to enjoy it. Hagrid and Slughorn sang it at the funeral of Aragog. Hagrid also sang the song at the wedding of Bill and Fleur Weasley, along with Charles Weasley and a "squat wizard in a purple pork-pie hat".


Some of the known lyrics include:

"And Odo the hero, they bore him back home
To the place that he'd known as a lad,
They laid him to rest with his hat inside out
And his wand snapped in two, which was sad."

Behind the scenes

  • Odo the Hero seems to be a reference to Beowulf, an Old English heroic epic poem about a brave king who gets fatally wounded in his final battle, and after his death his servants bury him in his native Geatland.


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