The egg of an Occamy

"Hey, Mr English guy! I think your egg is hatching!"
Jacob Kowalski[src]

The egg of the Occamy is made of pure silver, which accounts for why it is so much sought after. It also has lustre-giving properties and are rather nutritious to the hair[1].

Occamy egg shells were an essential ingredient for Felix Felicis.[1]


Gilderoy Lockhart developed a shampoo made from Occamy egg yolks that guaranteed "locks of lustrous luminosity", even though the expense and danger of producing it ensured it never was produced for a mass market.[2]

On 6 December 1926, Jacob Kowalski found an occamy egg on the bench next to him, inadvertently dropped by Newton Scamander. While trying to return it to him, the egg began to hatch.[3]

Later, Newt showed Jacob a nest of Occamies newly hatched from their eggs, including the one hatched from the egg he found, which Jacob was allowed to hold.[4]

Newton Scamander would later give a case of Occamy egg shells to Jacob Kowalski as bank collateral so that he could open his bakery.[5]


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