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The Oakshaft 79 was a broomstick created by the broom-maker Elias Grimstone of Portsmouth in 1879. These were the days of the cottage industry, with each broomstick handmade by the inventor, and Elias' broom was the first model to make a name for itself. Designated the number, 79 because of the year of its construction, the broom had a thick oak handle which was designed for endurance flying. Designed to withstand high wind conditions, the Oakshaft 79 never gained popularity as a Quidditch broom because of its lack of agility.

The Oakshaft 79 ensured its place in history, however, when Jocunda Sykes used one to perform the first ever Atlantic crossing on a broom in 1935. Today, the Oakshaft 79 is a highly prized vintage broom.


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