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Norwegian Ridgeback
Norwegian Ridgeback
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The Norwegian Ridgeback is a dragon native to Norway, and its habitat is the Northern mountains. It resembles the Hungarian Horntail, except for its black ridges on its back, the browner texture in its scales, and its less hostile attitude. It has venomous fangs, and its food of choice is large mammals, including water mammals, which is unusual for a dragon. Its eggs are black, and young Ridgebacks develop the ability to shoot flame earlier than any other breeds (around one to three months). Female Ridgebacks are generally more ferocious than the males.



Norbert as a baby.

During the 1991–1992 school year, Rubeus Hagrid received a Norwegian Ridgeback egg from a hooded stranger in a pub. After hatching the egg, Hagrid named the creature Norbert, and tried to raise it with Harry, Hermione and Ron. However, the dragon was discovered, and eventually Hagrid gave Norbert to Charlie Weasley, who took the young dragon to live with others of its kind in the Romanian Dragon Sanctuary where he worked. It was later discovered that Norbert was a female dragon, so they changed its name to Norberta.


Norwegian Ridgeback is likely a play on Rhodesian Ridgeback, a South African hunting dog used, among other things, to hunt lions. Two other breeds of ridgeback dog exist, the Thai Ridgeback, and the Phu Quoc Ridgeback. Additionally, Ridgeback is a British bicycle company.

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