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Norbert Gastell
Biographical information
Birth name

Emilio Norberto Gastell[1]


14 October, 1929[2]
Buenos Aires, Argentina[2]





In Harry Potter

Cornelius Fudge in the German dubs of the Harry Potter films.

Norbert Gastell (born 14 October, 1929) is a German voice actor who voiced Cornelius Fudge in the German dubs of the Harry Potter films.[2]

He was born Emilio Norberto Gastell in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1929 to Otto Gastell, a journalist, and his wife, Germans who had moved to Argentina from Munich four years prior.[1] His family returned to Germany in 1938 due to his father's poor health.[1]

Gastell is perhaps best known for dubbing Homer Simpson on the popular American animated series The Simpsons.[1] He has held this role continuously since 1991.[1]

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