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"I must have been paralysed with horror."
Beatrix Bloxam on hearing 'The Warlock's Hairy Heart' for the first time and learning of her uncle Nobby's indiscretions[src]

Nobby was the uncle of Beatrix Bloxam. When Beatrix was a child, she overheard her aunt tell her cousins about a "dreadfully unsavoury affair" that involved Nobby, the local hag, and a sack of Bouncing Bulbs. This may have contributed to her problems with sleepwalking.

It is unlikely that Nobby was married to the aunt eavesdropped on by Beatrix. This aunt chose to discuss Nobby's scandalous behaviour with her children and probably would not have done so if Nobby had been their father.


Nobby is a nickname for Norbert [1] [2]. The word nobby means stylish, however the name could have also been derived from the word nob, which is a slang word for the head, or a reference to a person of wealth and high social status.


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