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[[fr:Société des Balais de Course Nimbus]]
[[fr:Société des Balais de Course Nimbus]]
[[es:Compañía de Escobas de Carreras Nimbus]]
[[es:Compañía de Escobas de Carreras Nimbus]] [[pl:Miotły sportowe Nimbus]]
[[Category:Broomstick manufacturers]]
[[Category:Broomstick manufacturers]]

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200px-Nimbus2000 2001
Two of the Nimbus Racing Broom Company's products with their owners: Harry Potter with a Nimbus 2000, and Draco Malfoy with a Nimbus 2001.
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The Nimbus Racing Broom Company is a broomstick company formed in 1967 by Devlin Whitehorn. Its arrival galvanised the racing broom market, and its first product, the Nimbus 1000, was a revolutionary design. The Nimbus immediately became the broom of choice for professional Quidditch teams across Europe, and subsequent models have kept Nimbus at the top of the field.


Devlin Whitehorn
Devlin Whitehorn, the inventor of the Nimbus Racing Broom
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Name etymologyEdit

"Nimbus" is the Latin word for cloud.


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