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"I have visited lairs, burrows and nests across five continents, observed the curious habits of magical beasts in a hundred countries, witnessed their powers, gained their trust and, on occasion, beaten them off with my travelling kettle."
—Newton Scamander[src]

Newton Artemis Fido "Newt" Scamander, O.M. (Second Class), (b. 1897) was a famed Magizoologist and author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Scamander developed an interest in magical creatures early in life, influenced by his mother's breeding of hippogriffs. After attending and being expelled from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Scamander joined the Ministry of Magic, spending two years in the Office for House-Elf Relocation before joining the Beast Division. In 1918, he was commissioned by Augustus Worme of Obscurus Books to write Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The book became a best seller, making Scamander a respected expert in the field of Magizoology. In his personal life, Scamander married Porpentina Goldstein, and fathered at least one child. By the beginning of the 1990s, Scamander was retired and living in Dorset.


Early life and schooling


A young Scamander

Newton Scamander was born in 1897, and developed an interest in magical creatures at an early age, as his mother was a breeder of hippogriffs. As a seven year old, Scamander would regularly dismember Horklumps in his bedroom.

Beginning in 1908, he attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he was sorted into Hufflepuff.[8] He was expelled for endangering a human life with a beast, though Albus Dumbledore, his Transfiguration teacher, argued strongly against it.[9]

Professional life

Joining the Ministry of Magic

"...tedious to the extreme..."
—Newt Scamander on his years at the Office for House-Elf Relocation[src]

After being expelled from Hogwarts, Scamander joined the Ministry of Magic and worked for the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. He spent two years in the Office for House-Elf Relocation before transferring to the Beast Division, where his extensive knowledge of magical creatures led to a rapid series of promotions.[1]

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

"I was then but a lowly Ministry of Magic employee and leapt at the chance both to augment my pitiful salary of two Sickles a week and to spend my holidays travelling the globe in search of new magical species."
—Newt Scamander on Augustus Worme's offer for him to write Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them[src]

In 1918, Augustus Worme of Obscurus Books commissioned Scamander to write the first edition of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Scamander, earning only two Sickles a week working at the Ministry, jumped at the chance for extra money and the opportunity to spend his summers travelling the world.[1]

Scamander travelled to a hundred countries across five continents researching his book, observing many magical creatures. He learned about their abilities, gained their trust, and occasionally beat them with his travelling kettle if they got too dangerous.[1]


Newt meets his future wife, Porpentina Goldstein in New York, 1926[10]

Newt became a full time studier of animals in 1925[11] and shortly after he completed his global excursion to document magical creatures and their natural habitats; in December1926, Scamander arrived in New York for what was supposed to be a brief stopover.[12] However, when a Muggle by the name of Jacob Kowalski accidentally opened his magically-expanded suitcase, containing several creatures inside, the episode turned into an incident of major proportions (since magical and non-magical relations in the United States were already frail due to the presence of a Muggle fanatical extremist group, the New Salem Philanthropic Society), requiring the intervention of the Magical Congress of the United States of America.[12] While in New York, Scamander met his future wife, Porpentina Goldstein as well as her sister, Queenie.

First published in 1927, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was a bestseller. It became an approved textbook at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and, by the mid-1990s, was in its fifty-second edition.[1]

At some point, Scamander authored A Children's Anthology of Monsters, for younger readers.[13]

More work at the Ministry

In 1947, Scamander was responsible for the inception of the Werewolf Register, and, in 1965, created the Ban on Experimental Breeding, which he considered his proudest moment. Scamander also worked extensively with the Dragon Research and Restraint Bureau, which led him on expeditions all over the world, allowing him to collect information for new editions of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.[1]

Awards and honours

"Regarded as the world authority on magical creatures, Newt Scamander is the author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which has been an approved textbook at Hogwarts since its publication in 1927 and can be found in most wizarding households."
—Scamander's Chocolate Frog Card[src]

In 1979, he was awarded the Order of Merlin, Second Class, for services to Magizoology. He was also honoured with a Chocolate Frog Card named after him.

Private life

Newt Scamander USA Card

Scamander studies a hippogriff

Scamander married Porpentina Goldstein and together they at least one child,[5] who produced at least one grandson named Rolf.[6]

By the beginning of the 1990s, he was retired and living in Dorset with his wife and their three pet Kneazles, Hoppy, Milly, and Mauler,[1] but was known to study Fire Slugs in the Brazilian rainforest.[3] At some point during the 1993-1994 school year, he visited Hogwarts,[14] possibly to discuss the printing of a version of Fantastic Beasts for Muggle audiences.[1] Following his grandson's marriage to Luna Lovegood, Scamander became the great-grandfather of twin boys, Lorcan and Lysander Scamander.[15]

Personality and traits

Scamander was a dedicated individual who tirelessly researched new information for his book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,[1] even when he was supposedly retired.[3] Considered an authority in the field of Magizoology, his works were respected throughout the wizarding community.[1] Newton was described as eccentric and felt more comfortable around creatures than he did around humans.[16]

Magical abilities and skills

  • Care of Magical Creatures: Newt was interested in Magizoology from a young age and throughout the years, he gained knowledge of a wide variety of creatures from all over the world. He was awarded a famous Wizard Card and an Order of Merlin for services to Magizoology.
  • Potions: In his books, he wrote down hints how parts of magical creatures could be used in potions. It's unknown if this knowledge was theoretical or if he could brew some of the potions himself.
  • History of Magic: Newt also had knowledge of magical History, especially Magizoology. A whole chapter of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was devoted to the definitions of beasts, beings and spirits and how the definitions have evolved in past centuries.
  • Muggle Studies: Newt had studied how Muggles reacted to magical creatures and how beasts included in muggle fairy tales, like fairies, differed from real ones. He also knew about Muggles' awareness of Diricawl and that they believed that they hunted it to extinction. A whole chapter in his book was about Muggle awareness of beasts.


Wand newton
Scamander's suitcase


Newt Map

Newt Scamanders's name, as depicted on the Marauder's Map

Scamander's full name is drawn from a variety of sources; Newton refers to the newt creature, which in turn is used as Scamander's nickname, the surname is possibly also taken from the well-known English mathematician Isaac Newton; Artemis is the name of the Greek goddess of the hunt; Fido is a common dog name, from the Latin for faithful. Scamander is a river god in Greek mythology, possibly chosen for its similarity to "salamander". His nickname "Newt" is a small, brightly coloured salamander.


Behind the scenes

Newt Scamander LEGO Dimensions E3 banner-PM
  • Newt will be portrayed by Eddie Redmayne in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film trilogy.
    Newton Scamander

    A portrait of Newt Scamander in old age

  • Newt Scamander will be a playable character in the LEGO Dimensions video game and will appear as part of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them themed LEGO Dimensions sets.[17]
  • In the Harry Potter films, a portrait of Scamander is present in the Headmaster's office, thus implying that he was a past Headmaster of Hogwarts and that he was dead by 1992, as the portrait first appears in Chamber of Secrets. However, the Pottermore Timeline of the Wizarding World (see it here) establishes that Scamander was still alive by 2015, thus making this non-canon.
  • Interestingly, the portrait of Newt Scamander mentioned above bears the monogram of Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528). Dürer's dates to not match those of Scamander the slightest.
  • In 2001, J. K. Rowling published a real version of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for Comic Relief, a UK based charity event. The book was written from an in-universe perspective, and Scamander was credited as the "author" of the work. He is also slated to appear as the star character in a series of films based on this work, beginning with one named after it directly.
  • Newt was the first known Hufflepuff introduced in the series, although this information was not revealed until Pottermore.
  • When Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was originally translated into German, Newt's name was translated as "Lurch" Scamander. Lurch is a German word for amphibians, a family of animals the newt is also part of. When Fantastic Beasts was translated, his original first name was untranslated instead and Lurch was one of his middle names. This makes his full name in the German version "Newton Artemis Fido Lurch Scamander".
    • Similarly, in the French version of the Harry Potter books, he is named "Norbert Dragonneau" (Dragonneau meaning baby dragon), a possible foreshadowing to Norberta. In the translation of Fantastic Beasts, however, it is said that this is actually a pen name, and the book uses his original name the rest of the time. Even though it's a pen name, the name "Monsieur Dragonneau" is also used in the French trailer for the first film in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them trilogy.
  • The "about the author" section of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them claims that Newt graduated from Hogwarts. It is possible that Newt lied, not wanting to tell all his readers about his expulsion. It is also possible that he may have been readmitted, and allowed to graduate at a later date.


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