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"You're an interesting man, Mr Scamander. Just like your suitcase, I think there's more to you than meets the eye."
Percival Graves[src]

Magizoologist Newton Scamander owned a magical suitcase, bewitched with an Undetectable Extension Charm, in which he held a number of beasts while he travelled.[1] He could hide the contents from Muggles by flipping a switch on the case.[2]

In 1926, whilst visiting the United States of America, the beasts in Newt's suitcase escaped, whereupon he was accosted by Percival Graves, a powerful MACUSA Auror and right-hand man of the American wizarding community's leader, Seraphina Picquery.

The suitcase contains it's own world with many different habitats for each creature. It also contains a place for Newt.[3]

Porpentina Scamander takes the suitcase with Newt inside it to MACUSA headquarters where she tells them about the creatures that have escaped.[3]

When the suitcase falls into the hands of No-Maj, Jacob Kowalski, he falls into the suitcase where he finds Newt.[3]


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