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The New Salem Philanthropic Society, abbreviated as NSPS and also known as the Second Salemers, was a "fanatical" American No-Maj group which sought to expose and destroy wizards and witches.[1][2]

They were active in the 1920s and were lead by Mary Lou.[1][2] In December 1926, they picketed a rally held by supporters of Senator Henry Shaw Jr, presumably to try to get him to support their anti-witchcraft views.[3][4][5]

Based at Pike Street, New York, they held weekly meetings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays.[6] They also published and distributed a pamphlet entitled Fighting Modern Evils.[7]

Behind the scenes

  • Members of the New Salem Philanthropic Society may be of Scourer descent.[8] The Scourers were a band of wizarding vigilantes who wrought terror in North America in the 17th century.[8] Some of them managed to escape justice by marrying No-Majs and integrating into No-Maj society.[8] In revenge for their exile from the wizarding world, they instilled in their non-magic descendants an abiding belief that magic exists, and that witches and wizards should be wiped out.[8]
  • Their banner depicts a wand being snapped over a large fire, possibly a reference to both the stopping of magical practises and the Salem Witch Trials.


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