Necromancy is the Dark Art of raising the dead. It is also most likely the branch of magic used to create Inferi and Charmed Skeletons.

Behind the scenes

  • Albus Dumbledore mentions in his notes on Beedle the Bard that Necromancy is "a branch of magic that has never worked". Assuming the original goal of Necromancy was to bring people back from the dead, this is mostly true: whilst it is possible to create Inferi, these are mindless creatures with no soul or intelligence, despite possessing human corpses and hence are not truly "raised" persons.
  • If the Resurrection Stone was truly created by Cadmus Peverell rather than given to him by Death himself, it could be seen as a work of Necromancy, since it too was created with the purpose of bringing back the dead, albeit in a completely different way.


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