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"Fairy Nargles spotted on pensioner's wig"
—The Daily Prophet[src]

The Nargle is a creature that Luna Lovegood and Xenophilius Lovegood believe exists, though not many others do. The Nargle is known to infest mistletoe[1] and to be a mischievous thief[2]. Luna Lovegood claims that her Butterbeer cork necklace and her radish earrings keeps the Nargles away and that her papers and shoes were taken by Nargles.

When Harry Potter and Cho Chang were about to kiss under the mistletoe just prior to Christmas 1995, Harry jokes that Nargles may be infesting it. Cho had laughed, not really knowing what it meant, and connected their lips. From then on, they snogged, or made out.


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