This wand was used by Narcissa Malfoy in the Battle of Hogwarts after giving her son her original wand. The length, core or wood of this wand is unknown. It is also unknown if this wand is a temporary wand or a replacement wand.

Behind the scenes

  • Narcissa only has this wand in Part 2 of the final film, whereas in the book it isn't specified if she obtains a new wand.
  • This wand is the subject of a continuity error in Part 2 of the final film. Originally, Narcissa retrieves Draco's wand from Harry Potter when she checks him for signs of life in the Forbidden Forest. After Draco rejoins his family during the temporary ceasefire, his mother returns the wand to him. An alternate scene was to show Draco throwing Harry the wand when Harry leaps from Hagrid's arms, but this was not shown in the final cut of the film. Harry was shown to still have his wand after being carried back to Hogwarts by Hagrid. As such, the wand remains a continuity error, as both Harry, Narcissa and Draco are seen holding it in the same scene.