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Nadruco Syrup of Tar

A billboard advertising Nadruco Syrup of Tar.

Nadruco Syrup of Tar was a Muggle brand of cough medicine.[1] It contained cod liver oil and promised to provide "instant relief" from coughs and colds.[1]

A billboard advertising this product was erected in Times Square in 1926.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • National Drug and Chemical Co. (abbreviated Na-Dru-Co) was a real Canadian pharmaceutical company.[2] Based in Montreal, it was founded in 1905, and operated until it was bought by a larger company in the 1980s.[2] Na-Dru-Co actually produced a product called "Syrup of Tar With Cod Liver Oil Compound" in the early 20th century.[3] The packaging depicted in the billboard in LEGO Dimensions is consistent with that used by Na-Dru-Co in reality around 1910.[2]

Notes and references

Notes and references

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