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"From molars to fangs we're the leading experts in dental care."
—Slogan on the cover[src]

My Teeth was a British Muggle monthly magazine on dental care. The magazine was established in June, 1954.[1] The magazine is highly regarded, being a recipient of the bright smile award. Mr and Mrs Granger were subscribers, and they had at least an issue of this magazine in their sitting room in 1997.[2] The magazine advertised the Hollywood Smile tooth treatment.

The 28th February-26th March, 1997 issue advertised the following content on its cover:[2]

  • "Three Step Guide to the Perfect Smile"
  • "Mums, Don't Neglect Your Gums! — Lauren's Got a Gum Treat"
  • "Gingivitis"
  • "Plus! What's Her Secret? Lydia Fry reveals her latest tips on life and health"
  • "99 Teeth Tips"
  • "We Love Floss"
  • "New Brush Scare"
  • "Get Your Star Smile: Radical new treatment sweeps the nation"


Notes and references

  1. According to Harry Potter Limited Edition, the March 1997 issue was the 514th issue. As the magazine has a monthly frequence, this number means the magazine has been around for 42 years and 9 months — and 42 years and 9 months before March 1997, is June 1954.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Harry Potter Limited Edition - A Guide to the Graphic Arts Department: Posters, Prints, and Publications from the Harry Potter Films

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