Griphook: "Made by goblins, I presume?"
Bill Weasley: "And paid for by wizards."
Griphook and Bill Weasley discussing the tiara[src]

This tiara belonged to Molly Weasley's Aunt Muriel.

It was described to be very beautiful, being goblin-made and set with moonstones and diamonds, and it glittered and twinkled in the light.[1] Muriel consented to lend the tiara to Fleur Delacour for her wedding to Molly's son, Bill, in 1997.[2]

After the wedding, so much went on that Fleur was unable to return the tiara until the following Easter, when Garrick Ollivander brought it with him after being moved from Shell Cottage. Muriel was said to be pleased to get the tiara back, as they had kept it for so long, she had thought they had stolen it.[1]

When he saw the tiara, Griphook made it obvious in an implicit way that he considered it to be goblin property. Bill disagreed, which led to Griphook being in a bad mood.[1]


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