The Ministry file on Mundungus Fletcher was kept in the office of the Head of the Muggle-Born Registration Commission, Dolores Umbridge, along with files on other wizards in Great Britain. It contained such information as deemed relevant to the needs of the Muggle-Born Registration Commission. The file was created by the Administrative Registration Department and approved by F. L. Wakefield.

Known contents

  • His name (Fletcher, Mundungus)
  • His identity number
  • His date of birth
  • His birthplace (unknown to Ministry records)
  • His eye colour (brown)
  • His hair colour (grey/balding)
  • His weight (139 pounds)
  • His height (5 feet, 4 inches)
  • His complexion (mid/fair)
  • His schooling (Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, House unknown to Ministry records)
  • His occupation (Dealer of wizarding artefacts)
  • His current whereabouts (unknown to Ministry records)
  • His blood status (Half-blood, with notation that he is a suspected member of the Order of the Phoenix, and thus a potential blood traitor)
  • His family ("no known family alive")
  • His marital status (not married)
  • His security status (tracked, with all movements monitored, as Undesirable No. 1 was deemed likely to contact him)