"...-Nott, Rosier, Mulciber, Dolohov- waiting for your return... What devoted friends, travelling so far away in the snow and the night just to wish you good luck in trying to get a teacher position!"
Albus Dumbledore to Tom Riddle[src]

Mulciber was a wizard and one of the earliest Death Eaters of Lord Voldemort. He was possibly the father of Mulciber. He fought in the First Wizarding War, and travelled to Hogsmeade in order to "wish good luck" to Tom Riddle in trying to get a teacher position at Hogwarts. It is possible that Mulciber was deceased before the start of the Second Wizarding War, but, if he was not, he possibly fought at the Battle of Hogwarts and was presumably killed or imprisoned in Azkaban after Voldemort's final defeat.


Early life

Mulciber might have attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at the same time as Tom Riddle, and he may have been a member of Tom's gang and the Slug Club. After Hogwarts, Mulciber became one of the first Death Eaters .

First Wizarding War

Mulciber fought in the First Wizarding War, along with many other Death Eaters. He was also one of the group who travelled to Hogsmeade to "say good luck" to Voldemort, during his attempt to ask for work at Hogwarts, along with fellow Death Eaters Nott, Rosier and Antonin Dolohov. He presumably fought in many battles during the First Wizarding War. It's unknown if he was still alive by the time of his master's downfall, or whether or not he was sent to Azkaban.

Second Wizarding War

If Mulciber was still alive it's possible that he participated in many battles during the Second Wizarding War, including the Battle of Hogwarts. It's likely that he was either killed or imprisoned following his master's downfall.


May refer to Mulciber (Hephaestus), meaning "smelter", is an alternate name for the gentle son of Zeus and Hera who had a club foot and was a craftsman and blacksmith in Greek mythology. In Roman mythology he is the god of fire and metallurgy, Vulcan.

Mulciber is also a character in John Milton's Paradise Lost, a story based on mankind falling into sin and the struggle of heaven and hell. Mulciber was a fallen angel who is the architect of Pandemonium, the capital of Hell and home to the demons' council.

Behind the scenes

  • During his trial, Igor Karkaroff accused a Mulciber of being a Death Eater. It is not known whether he was referring to the older or younger Mulciber.
  • It is possible that Mulciber may have been one of the unidentified boys seen with Tom Riddle in Horace Slughorn's memory, although this has not been confirmed.


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