"Come in, both of you. I've just had a wee look at that bizarre red sign. It's a harmless Muggle Guard! You've seen the ads in the Daily Prophet, aye? I contacted the makers and it seems Winifred Whittle received one recently!"
Sage Bragnam[src]

A Muggle Guard was a magical alarm that emitted a shrieking noise whenever it was touched by a non-magical hand.[1][2]

Muggle Guards were among the items listed for sale in the classified section of the 8 February 1999 issue of the Daily Prophet, being priced at three sickles each, or ten for a galleon.[1][2][3] Transfiguration Today magazine ran an advert in the same issue of the Prophet that proclaimed that the December 1999 issue would feature a coupon that could be redeemed in exchange for a free Muggle Guard.[3][4]

When Muggle construction workers were attacked by magical creatures from a nearby forest, Ministry of Magic investigators Mathilda Grimblehawk and her partner found a Muggle Guard lying in the construction site. Further analysis linked this Muggle Guard to Winifred Whittle, a witch who lived nearby, and who was concerned that the construction works were disturbing the natural habitat of local fairies.[5]


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