MuggleCast is a Harry Potter Podcast produced by It was released weekly between August 2005 and August 2008, and monthly until August 2013. Its main hosts currently include Andrew Sims, Micah Tannenbaum, Eric Scull and Matt Britton. Mugglecast includes segments such as news, chapter-by-chapter, favourites, Make the Connection, Duelling Club. After a hiatus, where they thought they were done with the show, but they came back to give news about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Episodes of the show are now coming out monthly and can be found on MuggleNet and The hiatus also brought new voices to the show, mostly people that work at Hypable with Andrew Sims, but have so far only been guest hosting. The Harry Potter films' producer, David Heyman, the director David Yates and the actors Evanna Lynch and Oliver Phelps have also been on the show.

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