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Mucus ad Nauseam Tria is a curse used to give a target a cold that increases in severity with each consecutive cast. It is the most powerful version of the Curse of the Bogies, but only when casted at least more than once.


If the Uno or Duo modifiers of the Curse of the Bogies are used in addition to this variation, then only this version of the spell will be in effect. A single cast of this curse is only as powerful as Mucus ad Nauseam Uno, but what makes this variation of the Curse of the Bogies unique, is that unlike the Uno or Duo variations, each consecutive cast of the Tria variation will cause the target's cold to become more severe by a factor of how powerful the first cast was (for example, a cold brought on by 3 casts of the curse will be 3 times more severe than a cold given by only 1 cast of the curse). There does not appear to be a limit to how many times this curse can be recast and increasingly affects the target.


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