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"Vernon tells me you're a wonderful golfer, Mr Mason..."
Petunia Dursley practising compliments for Mr Mason.[src]

Mr Mason was a builder from whom Vernon Dursley was hoping to get a big drill order in 1992. On 31 July, Mr Mason and his wife were dinner guests at the Dursley home. The evening was nearly ruined when the dessert Petunia Dursley had made crashed to the floor (an incident blamed on Harry Potter, though it was actually Dobby's fault). The evening could have been rescued were it not for the barn owl that flew through the open window and dropped a letter on Mrs Mason’s head. Mr Mason then informed the Dursleys that his wife was mortally afraid of birds. He then left their home quickly following after his screaming wife.

Behind the scenesEdit


The English word "mason", meaning a craftsmen, normally a stoneworker, and originally leaders of teams of builders. This is likely a refernce to Mr Mason's position as head of a building company.


Mr. Mason LEGO

Mr Mason as a LEGO minifigure

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