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The second pet snake of Morfin Gaunt was the replacement of another late snake.


When Bob Ogden came to visit the Gaunt Shack, Morfin was twisting it in his fingers, singing to it in Parseltongue:

"Hissy, hissy, little snakey
slither on the floor,
you be good to Morfin,
or he'll nail you to the door."

The snake's final fate is unknown, but the day it heard the song was the same day Morfin was placed under arrest by the Wizard police, along with his father. The snake may have sought freedom and slipped off into the wild, or it may have been cared for by Morfin's sister. It was evident that the arrest was beneficial for the snake, as it was spared the gruesome, abusive fate of being nailed.

Behind the scenes

  • The snake was known to be a species of adder.


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