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Molly Weasley II
Biographical information

2006 or earlier (possibly) [1]

Blood status

Pure-blood or Half-blood

Physical information


Family information
Family members

Weasley family

Molly Weasley was the elder daughter of Percy and Audrey Weasley. She has a younger sister, Lucy. She is named after her paternal grandmother.[2]Uncles

Molly had five uncles threw her father, such as Bill Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Fred Weasley, Georoge Weasley, and Ron Weasley. Molly also had one uncle by marrige who is Harry Potter. Aunts

Molly had one blood aunt named Ginny Weasley, the sister of Percy Weasley. Molly also had many aunts by marrige threw her uncles. Cousins

Molly had many cousins threw her uncles and aunts. some of her cousins names are, James Potter2, Albus Potter, and Lily Potter, also Rose and Hugo Weasley.

Behind the scenes


Molly is an English name of Irish origin, meaning "sea of bitterness," and is a diminutive form of Mary, with the Latin meaning "star of the sea" and a Hebrew meaning of "bitter".


Molly's paternal grandmother and namesake


Notes and references

  1. Percy´s family was present on Kings Cross in 2017. So, at least one of the children was probably ready to start at Hogwarts. Molly is the oldest daughter, so she's either in the same age as Albus Severus, who was born in 2006, or older than him.
  2. Times Online - The Unwritten Story of Harry's Friends and Their Children

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