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Molly Weasley's mother

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Mrs. Prewett was a pure-blood witch, the wife of Mr. Prewett, and the mother of Gideon, Fabian and Molly Prewett (later Weasley). She was the maternal grandmother of the Weasley children and great grandmother of Albus, James and Lily Potter, Victoire, Dominique, Louis, Molly, Lucy, Roxanne, Fred, Rose and Hugo Weasley. She was also the mother-in-law of Arthur Weasley. She could also be the sister of Muriel.


Notes and references

  1. Sirius Black stated in Ch. 6 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix that Molly Weasley was his "cousin by marriage". This means that Ignatius could not have been Molly, Fabian, and Gideon's father, as this would have made them first cousins by blood of Sirius. Ignatius was Sirius's uncle by marriage, and if Molly was his niece, this could explain Sirius's comment. See this talk page for more information.
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