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A modifier is a word attached to an incantation to alter the effects of the spell that incantation is used in; for example, modifiers are frequently used to increase a spell's strength.

Known modifiers


The Horribilis modifier has only ever been used in conjunction with the Shield Charm which allowed it to protect a large area almost completely from Dark magic (though admittedly it was used in conjunction with other spells).


The Locomotor modifier alters a target's motion in a variety of ways, depending on which spell the modifier is used in.


The Maxima modifier increases the strength of a spell, possibly to its highest intensity.

Behind the scenes

  • Modifiers are used far less frequently in the books as in other media, and are never called such.
  • They can be combined with other modifiers to produce different effects.



The numerical modifiers are Duo and Tria. When each is attached to a spell's inantation they increase its strength and can potentially change the spell's appearance, Tria more so than Duo.




Main article: Revelio

The Revelio modifier is used to reveal hidden information in various forms.


  • Homenum Revelio - reveals the presence of humans in the immediate vicinity
  • Specialis Revelio - reveals enchantments cast over an object or the ingredients of a potion



The Solem modifier was only ever used with Lumos, which converted its harmless, all-round glow into a harsh ray of light, though it is unknown what would happen (if anything) if used in conjunction with other spells.



The Total modifier has two forms (Totalus and Totalum), both coming from the Latin totus meaning "as a whole". It appears to spread the original spell's area of effect.



Behind the scenes

  • Modifiers are much less common in the books than in other media such as in the films.
  • Modifiers appear to be able to be used in conjunction with other modifiers to get the combined effect of both, as the Full Body-Bind Curse (which contains the total modifier) can be used with the numerical modifiers.
  • It is possible that the Locomotor modifier is also combined with the Total modifier in Piertotum Locomotor.

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