"Amateur footage has not yielded any likely suspects. Anji Oliver, of Ilford, Essex filmed the devastation on her mobile phone."
Jamie Wolpert, "Bridge disaster hits London" in The Guardian (July, 1996)[src]

A mobile phone (also known as cell phone) was a portable telephone. It enabled the user to make and receive calls and messages while moving around a wide geographic area by connecting to a cellular network (which were all connected to the public telephone network) via a radio link.[1] Some mobile phones featured built-in cameras that allowed the user to take photos and capture video with the device.[2]

Mobile phone

A Muggle taking a picture of their friend shortly before the Millennium Bridge disaster

Shortly before the Millennium Bridge was attacked by Death Eaters on 24 June 1996, a Muggle person on the bridge was seen taking a picture of their friend with the camera on their mobile phone.[3] Anji Oliver, a Muggle from Ilford in Essex, managed to film the disaster on her mobile phone and showed it to the authorities.[2]

A mobile phone was among the objects scattered around the old bell tower near the pitch where the Chudley Cannons practised.[4]

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