"Even she didn't enjoy it as much as that."
Derek on Wendelin the Weird's enjoyment of being burned at the stake[src]

The Misprinted Wendolyn card was a misprinted Chocolate Frog Card of Wendelin the Weird. It was considerably rare.[1]

The misprint

"Wendolyn the Weird liked burning at the stake so much she arranged to be lit up 118 times."
—Folio Magi[src]


In 1992, Derek of the Wizard Card Collectors' Club at Hogwarts owned one of these cards. He traded it at the Trading Card Shop with Harry Potter with a Football card. Later, during the 1992-1993 school year at Hogwarts, Harry Potter traded this card to Wendelin the Weird's portrait on the Sixth floor, in return for a rare baby spider.[1]


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